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We believe that technology should work for you, not make you work. We offer complete home and small business automation with integration unlike anything currently on the market. Thanks to new technology we've developed, coupled with existing technology, we have the ability to unleash the full potential of your home's security and automation devices at low cost.

With our single integrated interface, we provide customizable push notifications as well as programmable routines. With the tap of a button or a single voice command you can:

• Turn off all your lights

• Arm your home security

• Turn on motion detection on your cameras

• Trigger certain lights to turn on with motion detected

• Receive a push notification that "sleep mode" is on

Examples of other integrated devices include:

• Televisions

• Lighting Systems

• Z-Wave Devices

• Alarm Systems

• Security Cameras

• Thermostats

• Solar Panel Systems

• Electric / Smart Cars

• Door Locks

• Doorbell Cameras

• Garage Door Openers

• Rollershutters

• Swimming Pool Controls

• Irrigation Systems

• Home Entertainment Stereo Systems

• Streaming Devices and Network Storage

So stop paying those monthly bills to a cable provider for home security, a solar company for home automation, or to anyone for remote access to your alarm and contact us today!

Customer Testimonials

“I had the DS Integrated Solutions full platform installed in my home. It's amazing how quickly you realize 'how did I ever get along without some aspect of home automation?'. From the app on my phone to the integration of Alexa from Amazon, the safety and convenience aspect enhance my user experience to give me peace of mind that's worth every penny.”

                        - Andrew, Stockton

“He personally came over to deliver the DS Integrated Solutions smart TV streaming device, and helped show me how it worked. The product was way more then I could imagine!”

                        - John, Ripon

“From my morning routines, thermostat control, light controls, and multiple security cameras, DS Integrated Solutions offers peace of mind and ease of use through their easy to navigate App or using Alexa. Packages from UPS can be dropped off in my garage instead of on my doorstep, by use of my Ring doorbell integrated with remotely operating my garage door for the UPS driver. My favorite feature is the "ALL LIGHTS ON WITH MOTION" custom routine that DS Integrated Solutions programmed for me, which enables me to sleep at night knowing I'll be woken by all my lights turning on and a notification on my phone if someone tries to hop my backyard fence. Peace of mind of this caliber is the best investment I've made!"

                        - Joe, Manteca

“The great thing with DS Integrated Solutions is that  the programs and platforms don't break the bank when compared to other home automation platforms. The simple fact of having everything centralized and controlled to my specifications and personalized routines has made my life a lot easier. Leaving the house? By simply asking Alexa to turn off all the lights, I know that I will be saving electricity by not forgetting to leave the patio or bedroom light on. Still not sure if you remembered to turn off the lights? Open the app DS Integrated Solutions installs on your phone, and you have complete control over your lights, and all other connected devices from literally anywhere.”

                        - Kyle, Manteca

Give us a call today and discover what DS Integrated Solutions can do for you. (209) 788-3283

Watch a Demonstration

DS Integrated Solutions - Car Security Integration

DS Integrated Solutions - Car Security Integration
DS Integrated Solutions - Car Security Integration

DS Integrated Solutions - Car Security Integration

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DS Integrated Solutions - Complete Smarthome Integration - App Demo

DS Integrated Solutions - Complete Smarthome Integration - App Demo

Play Video
DS Integrated Solutions - Routine Integration - Sleep Mode

DS Integrated Solutions - Routine Integration - Sleep Mode

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DS Integrated Solutions - Ring / Skybell Integration - Record Video

DS Integrated Solutions - Ring / Skybell Integration - Record Video

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Our Services

With a comprehensive range of products and services, we guarantee your smart technology needs are not just met, but exceeded. We specialize in creating customized automated solutions for each customer that is seamlessly integrated, effective, and reliable. We take pride in the fact that no matter how technically complex a solution we design for you, it's easy to use and always reliable. Reach out today to see how we can help.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our custom solutions for every budget.

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We always want to hear from you at DS Integrated Solutions. Contact us today to find the customized smart solutions that best fit your needs.

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